GTS TeenTrack™

The behaviors that a young driver exhibits when a parent is in the passenger seat may be somewhat different when they are driving with friends. GTS TeenTrack™ makes parents the virtual passenger, allowing visibility of your new driver’s travel locations, stops, speed, and providing replay of travel routes for any period of time that you select.


GTS PeopleTrack™

From the world of corporate executive travel, to the family on vacation in a foreign land or at a busy theme park, the personal safety of the people important to you is paramount. With a keychain sized remote tracking device, or an application downloaded to your existing SmartPhone, GTS PeopleTrack™ monitors and reports with GPS accuracy.


GTS AssetTrack™

Industry experts report that equipment theft exceeds $500M annually and happens because construction equipment and machinery are relatively easy to steal and sell in a shadowy worldwide black market. Once stolen, less than 10% of equipment ever makes it back to the owner. With GTS AssetTrack™ you can monitor the location and movement of your valuable assets.


GTS FleetTrack™

With a best-in-class, turnkey solution, GTS FleetTrack™ allows you to better manage your resources by maximizing the efficiency of your fleet and personnel. For less than $1 per day, it’s like being in the passenger seat of every vehicle in your fleet - instantaneously.

Never Lose Track of What’s Important to You…

GTS FleetTrack™ allows you to “ride along” with your entire fleet every day. Our intuitive web-based fleet management tool allows you to have a real-time view of where your vehicles are right now, and where they have been. GTS FleetTrack gives you, and people you’ve authorized, access to extensive reports that show when your vehicles got on the road, the amount of time they were at a stop, idle time, speed, and much more.  Our geofence feature can alert you when your vehicle is being used in an unauthorized manner, location or time by sending you an email or SMS text message.

In a competitive environment, how efficiently a company operates its business directly correlates to the bottom line revenue. Companies that utilize mobile assets to conduct business are no different. As fleet efficiency increases, so does the bottom line.

GTS Fleet Track also has the ability to tie into a vehicle’s sub-systems and capture data specific to activities of your fleet. Auxiliary equipment monitoring like pump flow, lights on, enabling lift operations and PTO are all examples  of events captured and recorded by GTS Fleet Track.

For less than $1 per day, it’s like riding in the passenger seat of every vehicle in your fleet.